Think Tank Recap – What are on the minds of Utilities?

The following article is written by Tammy Powlas, Senior Business Analyst at Fairfax Water and SAP Mentor. The originally published piece can be found on SAP’s blog.


The SAP for Utilities conference team came to Newtown Square yesterday, bringing utilities peers together for an interactive discussion on the biggest challenges, trends and opportunities utilities are facing today.  This was my second time attending, as I attended first back in 2016.Continue reading

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Discover the Best Moments from the 10th Annual SAP for Utilities!


10 consecutive years, 1,000+ attendees, 80 speakers, and 1 former President: Here’s a look back at the best moments from our 10th annual SAP for Utilities!

From Sunday, September 10th through the afternoon of Wednesday, September 13th, leading utilities professionals from all over the US congregated together to connect, conversate, and collaborate on the hottest topics inside their industry. This 10th anniversary event set the bar for utilities events across the entire nation!

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Nominations for the SAP4U Excellence in Utilities Awards are in! Vote now!


This article was written by Lloyd Adams, the National Vice President of SAP for Utilities.


In just under one month, over 1,000 utility professionals will make their way to Huntington Beach, California for the 10th Annual SAP for Utilities Conference. But, only five will wear the crown as an SAP4U Excellence in Utilities award recipient.

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Take Note: Embracing Digital Innovation Outside the Utility Industry



The theme of this year’s SAP for Utilities Conference is “Looking Within & Beyond the Industry to Redefine the Utility”. So, what does that mean, exactly? After 10 years of successful shows, digital disruption has become the forefront issue across this entire ecosystem. It has reshaped how the industry is looking at the future, and demands change from the traditional business model. But without any precedent to follow and uncertainty looming around the corner, how does an organization adapt? Continue reading

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What Good is Data without Data Governance?



Without accurate and sustainable data governance policies set in place, an organization’s data is deemed essentially useless. The significance behind the architecture of data—rendering it compatible for users and set to regulation standards—cannot be stressed enough. This 2017 Research Report for the SAP Utilities Conferences outlines the steps necessary to ensure a successful and reliable data governance program.

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