Take Note: Embracing Digital Innovation Outside the Utility Industry



The theme of this year’s SAP for Utilities Conference is “Looking Within & Beyond the Industry to Redefine the Utility”. So, what does that mean, exactly? After 10 years of successful shows, digital disruption has become the forefront issue across this entire ecosystem. It has reshaped how the industry is looking at the future, and demands change from the traditional business model. But without any precedent to follow and uncertainty looming around the corner, how does an organization adapt? Continue reading

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SAP for Utilities 2016 Highlighted How to Improve Performance with Tech & Digital Solutions

039The ninth annual SAP for Utilities conference brought together a record breaking audience of over 1,000 professionals to learn how to improve their business performance in today’s digital age. Over the course of three days, attendees heard case studies and thought leadership on how to not only navigate digital transformation, but thrive and drive value from it. Here’s an overview of the top rated presentations and most talked about takeaways:

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Reinventing Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution & Retail in a Digital World

photo-1413882353314-73389f63b6fd_for webHenry Bailey – Global Vice President, Utilities Business Solutions, SAP

Ten billion people – that’s the global population projected by 2050. Some experts say this boom will more than double the demand for electricity, natural gas and water – especially as mass transit and vehicles continue to steer towards electric energy. One thing is clear – the digital economy needs (and consumers demand!), clean, dependable and affordable electricity.

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Top Utility Challenges Uncovered by Your Peers

shutterstock_267159296_for-webThe utility industry undoubtedly is experiencing a digital transformation that is changing the way organizations do business. As these emerging technologies shape the landscape, there needs to be clear strategy and alignment to match the objectives of the business. The SAP for Utilities conference team has been on a search to find out what the industry is struggling with most and who has overcome these challenges with evidence best practices and solutions.

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