Discover the Best Moments from the 10th Annual SAP for Utilities!


10 consecutive years, 1,000+ attendees, 80 speakers, and 1 former President: Here’s a look back at the best moments from our 10th annual SAP for Utilities!

From Sunday, September 10th through the afternoon of Wednesday, September 13th, leading utilities professionals from all over the US congregated together to connect, conversate, and collaborate on the hottest topics inside their industry. This 10th anniversary event set the bar for utilities events across the entire nation!


“OMG. Inspiration is dangerous, I am not sure how my organization can ever sustain the inspiration I just received.” Mason L., expressing how moving the content was from 2018’s #SAP4UTL.
 Watch (above) Eventful Conference’s CMO, Jonathan Toomey wrap-up the SAP for Utilities conference.


Excellence in Utilities Awards: The results from the 10th annual #SAP4UTL Awards were finally announced at this year’s event! Scattered throughout the agenda, attendees were treated to multiple winner announcements across 5 main categories. First-places were handed out as follows:


Excellence in Utilities Awards Winners
Excellence in Utilities Awards Winners


Memorable Guest Speakers!

  • FORMER PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH – Hands down, he was considered one of the favorite speakers at the event. And not only for this specific conference—but of all time. The 43rd President of the US spoke in a comical and humble nature, extracting a feel-good vibe from the entire audience.
 “One of the best speakers at a conference I have ever heard! His ability to speak on some of the challenges facing utilities today – leadership, competition, adversity was timely and poignant. Thank you!!!” ~Richard S., commenting on former President George W Bush’s keynote speech.
  • CHRIS BERTISH – The Best Selling Author and Film Director keynoted at the end of the first full conference day with a riveting presentation on the SUP Crossing. As one attendee proclaimed, “Great story and message. Incredible journey. Amazing accomplishment.”
Best Selling Author and Film Director Chris Bertish
Best Selling Author and Film Director Chris Bertish



Women in Utilities Luncheon – Dedicated to honoring the exceptional and inspiring women leaders in the utilities industry, the luncheon was a huge hit. Great company, great conversation, and great connections were all had on the beautiful patio of the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa!

Women in Utilities Luncheon
Women in Utilities Lunch, held outside at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa



ASUG Involvement: Produced in collaboration with Americas’ SAP Users’ Group, Eventful Conferences is proud to partner with such an established community. With over 100,000 members, ASUG’s dedication to its customers’ satisfaction is bar none, and we get the pleasure of sharing the same consumer group at each conference event.



Evening Under the Stars – A reception not to be missed, Eventful Conferences coordinated a fun cocktail hour facing the beautiful Pacific beach, complete with fully stocked bars, multiple buffets, and as always – live music!



Standout Sessions: A successful conference wouldn’t be complete without truly phenomenal speakers and content to offer the attendees. Here is just a taste of some of the standout presentations we were proud to offer during 2017’s SAP for Utilities conference:



Top Location! One of the best aspects of this annual event was unquestionably the location of choice. Set in Huntington Beach, California, participants were treated to warm weather, beach scenery, and fresh sea-side food. The combination of The Hyatt Beach Resort and Spa serving as the conference venue, while the Luxury Pasea Hotel served as the overnight accommodations didn’t hurt either!

But alas, 2018 brings change in industry and change in location as we move the annual conference to a bigger venue, located in San Antonio, Texas! Join us, as we enter the next era of SAP for Utilities success!




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