Take Note: Embracing Digital Innovation Outside the Utility Industry



The theme of this year’s SAP for Utilities Conference is “Looking Within & Beyond the Industry to Redefine the Utility”. So, what does that mean, exactly? After 10 years of successful shows, digital disruption has become the forefront issue across this entire ecosystem. It has reshaped how the industry is looking at the future, and demands change from the traditional business model. But without any precedent to follow and uncertainty looming around the corner, how does an organization adapt? This is where “Looking Beyond” becomes necessary. In order to gain a deeper understanding and new perspectives for innovative techniques, companies are taking note from digital pioneers outside of their immediate environment.

“The time for digital transformation is now and it will require adopting best practices not only from within the utility industry but also from adjacent industries.” Jenn Mellace, SAP for Utilities Conference Producer

Here are some case studies of those organizations outside the utility space making groundbreaking changes to their digital business models:

  1. Pacific Drilling (Oil and Gas Industry): This young company—only founded 11 years ago—successfully operates complex drilling in the deepest and most remote water locations around the world. Through the help of SAP HANA, they’re positioned with a great advantage in the drilling market by gaining instant insight that has turned knowledge into action. All done at deep below the sea level.
The Pacific Bora vessel of Pacific Drilling operates at 10,000 feet of water depth.
  1. Jaguar Land Rover (Automotive Industry): After deploying the SAP Cloud Platform, JLR supplied it’s 33 experience centers across 5 continents with an online portal for customers to book their test drives. As extreme conditions are prominent amongst this wide variety of global business operations, checking availability versus calling a service agent has allowed a seamless experience for new and seasoned customers alike.
  1. Kiewit Corporation (Construction Industry): This Fortune 500 company uses state-of-the-art project management tools to run effective and efficient construction projects. They rely on field-facing mobile solutions to gain real-time insights into field processes, and now with the help of SAP they can report these KPIs through visually compelling analyses.

With all these success stories outside the utility industry, organizations are taking note to fuel their own innovative digital models through SAP. More case studies and educational opportunities are available at this year’s SAP for Utilities Conference, being held September 10-13 in Huntington Beach, California. Build your own success story and join this movement today!

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